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Ready-Made Covers:

You can buy ready-made covers directly from my shop. After you make your purchase, I'll get in touch with you and ask for the following:

If the cover you chose has areas for other text, I'll also need:

Once we have all the text areas on the cover filled in, I will e-mail you the final result.



Custom Covers:

If you can't find what you're looking for in the shop, then a fully customized cover is the way to go! Contact me and we can get started.

There are unique benefits to having a cover designed for you from scratch. And when I say 'from scratch,' that's exactly what I mean. Do you need a cover picture of a character who looks as close to your book's hero or heroine as possible? No problem. Rather than use stock photos all the time, I render many of the backgrounds and characters for my covers in a 3D program called Daz Studio. The best thing about creating characters in Daz Studio is that everything about them is customizable, from hair and clothes to their facial features. So when you commission a cover from me, not only do you get a book cover that is unique, you also get artwork that was made specifically for you.



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